Austin Dog Boarding

We love our pets, and all of us would love to have them with us each and every night. However, there are many things that may take us away from our furry friends for a short time… vacations, work commitments and other life events. A dog boarding facility is a place where you can leave your dog and should be able to trust that they will be well taken care of while you are away.

How can we make your dog comfortable while you’re gone?

If we could talk to your dog, “how can we make you more comfortable?” is what we’d constantly be asking them. Since we can’t talk to them, at least not in the way humans communicate with each other, our staff is trained to read each dog’s body language and signals and understand what they are saying in the ways that dogs do communicate.

What’s Included In Bed and Biscuit’s Dog Boarding?

Extended Hours for Exercise and Potty Breaks
(Begin at 5:30am, last out extends as late as 9:30pm)
Extra Comfort Care
(Use of Thundershirts, Kongs, Soundproofing and more)
Full Body Health Inspection
of each visitor multiple times per day
Sunday Pick-up
and Drop-off Hours
Social Play
with other dogs (when appropriate)
administration (when needed)
Extra Bedding
and Privacy Panels
“Quiet Room”
for guests with special needs or sensitivities
No extra fees
for afternoon pick-up or morning drop-off

Our Take On How Pet Boarding Should Be Done…

Sending young children to summer camp is a reasonable, but not perfect, comparison to dog boarding and also considering the varying ways that different children respond to summer camp is relevant as well. Each one is different. We do our best to determine what surroundings, schedule or boarding arrangement will provide the best experience possible for your pet. Observing your dog’s behavior and body language is only part of how we decide what’s appropriate for them. We also ask you, the owner, many detailed questions before they visit us for the first time so we have specific knowledge about how to care for your pet as an individual. It also helps us prevent ever having them end up in uncomfortable or dangerous situation while in our care.

Of course boarding at our facility also includes the basics such as feeding, administration of medication, outside time and keeping your pet’s environment clean. In addition, most dogs are able to socialize in small play groups during their outside time and any of our visitors can sign up for one-on-one cuddle or play time with one of our staff members.

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