Why does my dog need to complete a Trial Day?
At Bed & Biscuit, we require every dog to complete a successful Trial Day, which is a free day of daycare, before they can attend daycare or boarding.

  • This allows us to get to know your dog, ask questions, and communicate potential concerns before you’re busy or out of town.
  • This allows your dog to get acquainted with our staff and our facility so they can have a more comfortable boarding stay. This can be extra helpful for rescue dogs or dogs with anxiety because they get an opportunity to learn that they will see you again. This isn’t a shelter or the vet – it’s like doggy camp!
  • This allows you, the owner, to try out our services and see what you think for free.

Please note that we do require dogs to do another free “re-Evaluation Day” if it has been over one year since their last visit just to ensure it’s still a good fit.

What would cause my dog to get denied from boarding?

If your dog is highly stressed during their Trial Day, we will do everything we can to manage the stress and help them get more comfortable. However, in some cases, the kennel environment is simply not a good match, and we do not want the animals in our care to be stressed or at risk of hurting themselves.

Similarly, it is essential that our team members are able to safely handle your dog. We will do everything we can to accommodate your pup’s needs, but if we cannot identify why a dog is attempting to bite and prevent them from ever being in that situation, it is simply not a good match.

Lastly, if your dog has a very serious health or behavior concern, we may not be able to accommodate your stay.

In these cases, for the wellbeing of the dog, we may have to decline future stays. We love the animals in our care and only do so out of a desire to do what’s best for your furry family member.

Is my dog allowed if they don’t like other dogs?

Yes! We recognize that some dogs are more “people dogs” than “dog dogs.” We absolutely can take your dog if they would prefer to be on their own, and we will make careful note not to socialize them and to just give them extra love from our staff.

If your dog is “dog-aggressive,” we have a very strict protocol for handling them. We will have only our most senior staff members handle them, and any time we move them around the facility, we will have all our other dogs in a secure run or yard to remove any possibility of interaction.

If your dog is simply a little shy or hasn’t gotten much practice socializing, that’s okay too! Our introduction process for our pups is incredibly safety-oriented. All our intros are done on leash; our groups are small to maximize staff oversight; and our team is trained on dog body language to quickly detect signs of stress, frustration, or potential aggression. All of our playgroups are monitored at all times.

Does Bed & Biscuit accept intact dogs?
Yes, we do! We never put intact dogs out with other intact dogs of the opposite sex (unless they are family members and you’ve asked us to do so). We have a flagging system to ensure that our intact dogs are easily identified by all staff members.
What vaccinations are required for my dog to attend Bed & Biscuit?
We require proof of current vaccinations for Distemper, Rabies, & Bordetella. Puppies must have all adult rounds of vaccines completed before coming in. We want to keep those babies safe! We also suggest the Leptospirosis vaccine and Canine Influenza vaccine, but talk to your vet about what is right for your dog.
Is my dog required to be up-to-date on flea & tick prevention to attend Bed & Biscuit?
We highly recommend that EVERYONE have up to date Flea AND Tick medication. Check with your vet that tick prevention is included in your current treatment plan before coming in. Since we are located in the hill country and have a lot of doggy visitors, it is safer for everyone if everyone is protected.
Does Bed & Biscuit offer any discounts or packages for bulk Boarding and Daycare stays?
Yes, we do! Check out our Boarding and Daycare Pricing sheets to see outlined details, but basically, if you purchase a bulk number of boarding nights or daycare days in advance, you will be paying a discounted rate.
How far in advance do I need to make my reservation?
Truthfully, it depends! As a general rule, the sooner the better. We do book up, especially over holidays and in the summertime, so to maximize your chance of getting a spot, it’s best to book in advance. However, sometimes if you call us last-minute the morning of, we may have space – we just can’t guarantee it!
Are there any cancellation policies? How far in advance do I need to cancel?
We recognize that sometimes plans change at the last minute, so we have a very generous cancellation policy and will not charge you if you cancel last-minute. However, we do ask that you please give us as much notice as possible so that we can give other furry friends the opportunity to stay with us as we do have limited space.
Can I bring my own bedding, toys, and treats?

Bedding: Absolutely! In fact, please do! We love it when folks bring in bedding from home that can make the dog’s stay comfy and cozy. We do have bedding we provide for any pups who don’t bring in their own bedding, so they’ll be comfortable either way. But that little something from home can be a big comfort!

Toys: As long as your pup isn’t a “toy eater,” absolutely! If your dog likes to play with toys during playtimes but can’t be trusted with a toy unsupervised, just let us know.

Treats: Yes! Generally, we are happy to give pups treats from home if you bring them in. We do not however provide dogs with rawhides due to the potential health risks (choking, gastrointestinal issues).