New Client Registration

Learning about you and your pet will help us provide the best care possible. Before your dog comes to play or stay with us, please fill out our new client registration form. Our form will ask you for information about you, information about your dog and specific dates that you would like to start daycare or boarding with us. We encourage all clients to visit our facility before leaving your dog for the first time. We schedule tours by appointment, please
inquire if interested!
Trial Day

At Bed & Biscuit, we require every dog to complete a successful Trial Day, which is a free day of daycare, before they can attend daycare or boarding.

  • This allows us to get to know your dog, ask questions, and communicate potential concerns before you’re busy or out of town.
  • This allows your dog to get acquainted with our staff and our facility so they can have a more comfortable boarding stay. This can be extra helpful for rescue dogs or dogs with anxiety because they get an opportunity to learn that they will see you again. This isn’t a shelter or the vet – it’s like doggy camp!
  • This allows you, the owner, to try out our services and see what you think for free.

Please note that we do require dogs to do another free “re-Evaluation Day” if it has been over one year since their last visit just to ensure it’s still a good fit.


We require proof of current vaccinations for Distemper, Rabies, & Bordetella. Puppies must have all adult rounds of vaccines completed before coming in. We want to keep those babies safe! We also suggest the Leptospirosis vaccine and Canine Influenza vaccine, but talk to your vet about what is right for your dog.

Flea/Tick Medication

We highly recommend that EVERYONE have up to date Flea AND Tick medication. Check with your vet that tick prevention is included in your current treatment plan before coming in. Since we are located in the hill country and have a lot of doggy visitors, it is safer for everyone if everyone is protected.

Understanding Risks

All dogs at Bed and Biscuit are required to present documentation verifying vaccines, but there are viruses and bacteria (e.g. Bordetella, fleas, Giardia, etc.) that cannot be fully vaccinated against, and in a social setting such as a kennel (or public dog park), dogs may be exposed. If your dog has been exposed to a contagious illness, we will need vet clearance before they can attend daycare or boarding.