Doggie Daycare in Austin

Dog owners may enroll their pup in a doggy daycare program for many reasons including: socialization, stimulation, exercise, and basic care if you’re away from home during the day. We like to think of daycare as a fun camp experience where your pup can make human and dog friends, play, and relax depending on what they’d like best.
Social Play
Whether your dog is a little shy or a social butterfly, we strive to find them friends whose company they’ll truly enjoy. But if your pup prefers the company of humans over their fellow dogs, we’re happy to oblige! Please check out “Our Philosophy” for more information on our system of play.
Extra Comfort Care

Our staff is trained to pay extra attention to stress levels of the animals in our care. We have many stress management techniques in our toolbox, including use of thundershirts, kongs, soundproofing, calming music, and more.

Full Body Health Inspection

Our team conducts full-body health checks multiple times a day.


Our goal is to make your pets’ experience as comfortable and homey as possible. Therefore, we encourage you to bring in their regular food for their stay to keep their diet consistent and avoid tummy troubles. If needed, we do have Nutro dry food on site that you can purchase for a small fee.


Any needed medication administration is included in the price of boarding. We administer meds according to owner-directed schedules. Please note that, while we can administer topical and oral medications, we cannot do injections.

To free roam or not to free roam?

It’s easy to find the general services provided at Bed and Biscuit Austin at almost any dog care facility, and doggy daycare is no exception. What’s different at Bed and Biscuit Austin is the “how” and “why”. The foundation of how and why we provide each service the way we do goes back to in-depth knowledge of how dogs process information, their specific needs, their instincts and what they typically prefer as a result of those and many other factors.