Any Room at the Inn? Boarding Your Dog Over the Holidays

During the holiday hustle and bustle, our lives are temporarily turned upside down. Suddenly, Mom and Dad have time off work, the kids are out of school for a week for Christmas break, and visitors flood the house. Although the holiday season may be brief, the tossing of the regular schedule by the wayside is enough to make even the most stoic of dogs uneasy. By choosing to board your dog over the holidays rather than leave him home alone while the rest of the family comes and goes and all-too-exciting Christmas decorations go up, you may save your dog’s (and your own!) sanity.

christmas_dogDogs thrive on routine. They like to know that they are getting fed, going outside to potty, and getting walked at certain times of the day. When something like the holiday season rolls around and your dog’s schedule is skewed, it may cause him or her a multitude of problems. Dogs show anxiety in a variety of ways, whether it be having a nervous accident on your carpet right before the Grandparent’s show up, chewing things he or she knows aren’t allowed, or stomach issues. The fact that your dog’s stress will add to your own holiday stress will become a vicious cycle and upset your furry friend even further. By boarding over the holidays, your dog will be able to keep his same regimented schedule and avoid the stresses of everything from strangers in the house to noisemaking Christmas ornaments on the tree. Giving your dog the week off from dog-duty may be just what the doctor ordered.

When it comes to dog boarding, Austin facilities tend to fill up quickly due to the number of transplants in town, meaning that during the holidays, boarding facilities are full of dogs that pet parents leave to the pros rather than putting undue stress on over Christmas. At Bed and Biscuit Austin, we make sure that during this busy time, your dog’s schedule is maintained. By feeding him at his regular time and making sure he gets adequate potty breaks, rest and play time, your dog’s stress level stays low. As a pet parent, your stress level stays low, too, not having to worry about whether or not your dog sitter showed up on time, plan extra trips to the house to let your dog out between family visits or make sure someone gave any needed medications on time.

Besides the stress-inducing schedule changes of the holiday season, boarding your dog rather than leaving him alone also negates the chance of your dog finding himself too interested in the Christmas tree, shiny-wrapped presents, or any stray Christmas cookies that have been left out on the counter. As Christmas approaches, making sure you and your family agree on a low-stress plan for your dog makes holiday planning smoother, more fun, and less stressful for all involved.


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