Doggy Day Care in Austin

Pet owners may enroll their pet in a Daytime Care program for many reasons. The most common are socialization, stimulation, exercise and basic care while at work or while out of the home for the day. Locating a place to leave their dogs worry-free is important to many pet owners and may even determine if they can keep the pet in their loving home (and busy lives!) and out of a shelter.

Why Bed and Biscuit Austin?

Social Play
with other dogs (when appropriate)
Extra Comfort Care
(Use of Thundershirts, Kongs, Soundproofing and more)
Full Body Health Inspection
of each visitor multiple times per day
Extra Bedding
and Privacy Panels
(if needed) according to owner directed schedule
administration (when needed)
“Quiet Room”
for guests with Special Needs or Sensitivities

To free roam or not to free roam?

It’s easy to find the general services provided at Bed and Biscuit Austin at almost any dog care facility, and doggy daycare is no exception. What’s different at Bed and Biscuit Austin is the “how” and “why”. The foundation of how and why we provide each service the way we do goes back to in-depth knowledge of how dogs process information, their specific needs, their instincts and what they typically prefer as a result of those and many other factors.

Free-roam and “cage-free” daycare are currently popular doggy daycare settings. However, an all day free for all, especially if it is also overcrowded, is a great way to overstimulate and even frustrate a dog. Consistent, or even short-term, over-stimulation can lead to a variety of anxiety and behavior problems, even aggression. The number one measure of a good doggy daycare is almost always how tired a dog is at the end of the day, which is definitely a good measure to consider. However, also considering the source of a dog’s fatigue is important. Being anxious and uncomfortable all day is exhausting and can be even more so than proper stimulation and play.

The ability to socialize with as many dogs as possible and have maximum freedom to move around throughout the entire day may seem more attractive to us as humans. However, a moderate amount of group play with two to five dogs several times a day along with plenty of rest in a cozy, private “den” in between is not only much safer but is also more comfortable for most dogs. It is more consistent with a schedule and daytime agenda that dogs seem to be hard-wired to prefer. Supplementing the group play sessions with one-on-one human attention and play, doggy puzzle time and rest can create a perfect, balanced day for your pet and leave them feeling appropriately tired, satisfied and happy at the end of the day.

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