Puppy Preparation: What You Should Know Before You Bring Your New Puppy Home


If you’re thinking of bringing home a puppy in the near future, then this blog post is just for you. We’ll outline the information you need to know in order to keep your puppy safe, and to make the transition a smooth one for both your puppy and your family.

Puppy Proofing

Before your puppy arrives, you’ll need to take some time puppy proofing your home. Puppy proofing consists of creating a safe space for the puppy, and identifying and removing items which could be dangerous for your puppy. For instance, if you have kids, your puppy may be tempted to chew on toys. It’s best to make your child’s play area a space which is off-limits for your puppy. Be sure to check out this blog post for moreinformation on puppy proofing your home.

Crate Training

As you puppy proof your house, you’ll also want to consider whether you’ll be using a crate to train and contain your puppy. Crate training is an effective way to help teach your puppy about housetraining, but it has an additional bonus: It can help to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble when you’re not home to supervise him.

If you choose to use a crate, then purchase one which is large enough to house your puppy comfortably, but which doesn’t give him too much additional space to move around. Put your puppy’s bed in the crate and establish it as a pleasant place for your puppy to be. Your puppy will soon willingly go into the crate when it’s time to nap.

Establish a Schedule

When your puppy arrives home, you’ll need to establish a schedule of feedings and trips outside. Depending on the age of your puppy, he may require fairly frequent, small feedings throughout the day. These feedings can be reduced as your puppy ages. It’s also so important to make sure that your puppy is taken outside after he eats in order to reinforce the housetraining that you will be focusing on. If there are multiple people in your home who can help care for the puppy, this can make establishing a schedule a bit easier.

Make a Vet Appointment

Be sure that you take your puppy to the vet soon after he arrives home. Your puppy should see the vet for a wellness check to make sure that he isn’t sick. This initial appointment is also a great way to establish care for your puppy. Your vet can assess your puppy’s weight and diet, and can set up future appointments to make sure that the puppy receives any vaccinations that he may need.

Enroll Your Puppy in a Training Class

Finally, enroll your puppy in a training class. Dog training classes are a great way to learn about dog training methods so that you can teach your puppy the skills he’ll need when living with your family.

If your puppy is ready for training, be sure to give us a call – we’d love to get you set up with some training classes.

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