Want to Give a Dog as a Gift? Consider These Other Gifts First

We’ve all seen the ads and movies where someone receives a puppy or a dog as a gift on Christmas morning. Dogs seem like the perfect gift. After all, who doesn’t love an adorable puppy? A red bow around the neck, the dog lying under the Christmas tree – it sounds like the perfect Christmas morning.

puppy in christmas gift boxUnfortunately, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t give a dog as a gift. Dogs require significant time and financial commitments. By giving a dog as a gift, you are assuming that the recipient lives a lifestyle that would allow them to care for the dog – and that they will continue living that lifestyle for the next ten or more years. Additionally, when you give a dog to a person, that person won’t have a chance to pick out the dog themselves. You don’t know that a dog’s character and temperament will be suitable for the person you’re giving it to.

You’re not out of luck, though. Instead of giving someone an actual dog for Christmas, there are plenty of dog-themed gifts that you can give them instead. One of your best bets may be to give a family the supplies that they will need for a dog. If you know the family is planning to get a dog, then put together a dog care package. Include a fashionable leash and collar, some toys, a dog bed, water and food dishes, and even a gift certificate to a local pet supply store.

Gift certificates for other purposes are also excellent gifts. Consider giving a gift certificate for dog grooming. Pet sitting and boarding gift certificates are a great choice, and will certainly go to good use. You might also consider giving a gift certificate for dog training classes. Training can help to develop and strengthen a person’s relationship with a new dog, so training classes might be just the perfect gift.

If you still don’t think that you’ve found the perfect gift, then maybe it’s time to get creative. Think outside the box: Give a gift for a dog massage session, or schedule a session with a dog photographer so that your friend or loved one can get some great photos of their new dog. You might want to put a payment down on the recipient’s account at a local vet so that when they do get a new dog, they have a credit for his first appointment or treatment. Most dog lovers will also appreciate a donation made to a local dog rescue in their honor, or in the name of their dog.

While giving an actual dog as a holiday gift is generally not the best route to go, there are still some great dog-related gifts that your friend or loved one is sure to enjoy.


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