Trick or Treating With Your Dog

Halloween trick or treating with your dog can be a fun experience for everyone involved, given the proper preparations and dog temperament. If your pooch is the neighborhood social butterfly, showering his attention with ghouls and goblins without a moment’s hesitation — then break out the costumes and let’s get started! But first, let’s get a few basics out of the way.

Trick or Treating with your dog

Always come prepared as you would for your children. There will be a ton of kids — young and old alike — who will be noisy, running about and on a perpetual sugar high. So plan for the expected, but be prepared for the unexpected. Be sure to bring necessities like:

  • Toys

  • Water

  • Wipes

  • Leash

  • Snacks

  • Flashlight

  • Clean-up bags

  • Reflective vest

  • Collar or harness

  • Rabies and I.D. tags

Halloween Costume Tips and Tricks

Dressing up the dogs can be as fun and tedious as it is with the kids. Trying to keep them still and get the finishing touches done is like trying to catch a greased pig. Jumping on the couch, scurrying on the dining room chairs, and over the kid’s bed is a typical scene. While we find the dog absolutely adorable, the dog might not find the humor in it. Attempt a trial fitting a week in advance to test the waters. Don’t force it! Not all dogs like being dressed up.

Tip: Keep dogs secured away from the door during trick or treating hours!

If your canine BFF is cool with playing Barbie® for a night, then it’s game on! You can find commercial costumes for pets at local pet stores, or consider making your own. If you decide on a DIY costume, please refrain from using potentially toxic sprays and make-up on your dog. Just because the product states its safe for humans, does not mean it’s safe for your dog.

We recommend keeping a costume simple and comfortable for your dog. You should use nothing too baggy which could get snagged or soiled in a potty break. Some hit costume ideas are:

  • Superheros

  • Movie characters

  • Cartoon characters

  • Halloween characters

  • Popular video game characters

Tip: Never leave your dog out in the yard unattended on Halloween!

Halloween Dog Safety Tips

Before heading out the door with your canine goblin, it’s important to stress some helpful safety tips that will surely keep your Halloween from becoming a real-life fright-mare.

  • Always keep them close on a short leash.

  • Keep dogs away from lit pumpkins and electric cords.

  • Be aware of potentially toxic treats that could go into your dog’s mouth.

  • If your dog becomes anxious, timid or agitated, go home immediately.

Sitting This One Out

Not all dogs are cut out for the festivities. Pushing a bad situation can easily end in tragedy. Err on the side of caution. Use our boarding service or keep them at home in a quiet room if these red flags describe your dogs.

  • Nervous, anxious or fearful

  • Fearful of hats or costumes

  • Fearful of loud/strange noises

  • Doesn’t like crowds or children

  • Easily spooked by sudden movements

  • Unsocialized dogs or dogs lacking obedience training

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