Why Your Dog Eats Grass

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Does your dog love to eat grass when you’re outside? You feed him quality dog food and make sure that he gets plenty of attention and exercise, so why does he have this strange habit? Let’s take a look at why your dog may be eating grass.

Potential Causes

Just why dogs eat grass is still a bit of a mystery. Professionals have a number of different theories about why dogs do this. Here are a few potential causes:


Dogs may derive some nutrition from the grass that they eat. Eating grass may indicate a nutritional deficiency in a dog’s diet, or it may be a natural instinct in your dog.

Soothing an Upset Stomach

Some professionals think that dogs may eat grass because it helps to soothe an upset stomach. If your dog has recently eaten something bad for him, or if he’s suffering from stomach pain, he may seek out grass to alleviate the situation.

Health Issues

If your dog suddenly begins eating grass, it may indicate a health issue. It’s always a good idea to take your dog to the vet if he ever starts up new, unusual behaviors like eating grass.

Tips for Owning a Grass-Eating Dog

If your dog loves to eat grass, there are a few things you can do to make this behavior safer for him.

Limit Your Dog to Grass In Your Yard

Don’t let your dog eat grass when you’re out for a walk; you never know what kinds of fertilizers or pesticides are used on a lawn, and these could potentially harm your dog. By only allowing your dog to eat grass from your yard, you can ensure that the grass is safe.

Avoid Using Chemicals In Your Yard

Whether your dog eats grass or not, it’s best to never use chemicals on your lawn, since they can transfer to your dog. This becomes even more important if your dog likes to eat grass from your yard. If you have recently used fertilizer or other chemicals on your lawn, then don’t allow your dog to eat any of the grass. If you can, fence off the backyard and don’t treat the grass in that area with anything.

If your dog is eating grass, it’s a good idea to take him to the vet. Your vet can assess your dog’s overall health and may be able to help you to get to the root of why your dog feels the need to eat grass.

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