Top Reasons to Groom Your Dog

Do you groom or bathe your dog regularly? Regular grooming is important to a dog’s health, and bathing is also necessary sometimes. There are many benefits to grooming your dog – if you’re not doing so already, then you might want to start.

Grooming a jack russel with brush

Grooming Helps to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

When you regularly groom or brush your dog yourself, you will have a better sense of what feels normal for his body. You can become more aware of changes in your dog’s weight or body condition when you groom him. And when you know what feels normal for your dog, you can quickly identify foreign lumps or bumps.

Grooming Helps Develop Your Dog’s Trust

When you regularly groom your dog, he learns that letting you handle his body does not result in pain. Many dogs don’t particularly enjoy having their feet handled, but through regular grooming your dog can grow accustomed to this. When you’re grooming your dog, always go slowly, be gentle and only do what your dog is comfortable with. His trust in you will develop over time, but only if you don’t try to force him into being groomed when he isn’t comfortable.

Grooming Helps to Keep Your Dog’s Coat More Comfortable

Regular grooming helps to keep your dog’s coat free of knots and burrs. Grooming removes dead hair and skin, which keeps your dog’s coat healthier and more comfortable.

Grooming Helps to Find Problems Early On

Fleas and ticks often start off as little problems, but they can quickly grow into big problems unless you catch them right away. Grooming your dog gives you a chance to carefully go over his entire body, so you’re more likely to find problems like fleas or ticks earlier on than you are to find them in just patting your dog. Remember to carefully check your dog’s ears, under his chin and on the insides of his legs for these pests.

Bathing Can Be Important After Swimming

Does your dog love to swim? Bathing your dog can be a good idea after he’s been swimming in a pond, the ocean or in a pool. Bathing is especially important if your dog has been in a pool – you’ll want to remove the chlorine from his coat to avoid irritation.

Grooming Helps to Build Your Bond with Your Dog

Grooming your dog is an excellent way for you to bond with him. By grooming your dog you’ll be spending extra time with him, making him feel good and keeping him healthy.

Grooming is highly beneficial for your dog. If you’re not already grooming your dog, you’ll probably want to start!


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