Our Favorite Dog Bathing Products

English Bulldog looking up from tub of bath water.

When it comes to bathing your dog, using the right products is important. Good, quality bathing products can lead to a cleaner, healthier dog. At Bed & Biscuit Austin, we have a few favorite bathing products that might be just right for your dog.

Bathing Products to Consider

Happy Tails Products

The Happy Tails Collection offers a number of products that we love. Comfy Dog Shampoo is a great choice for dogs with dry, itchy skin. This shampoo rinses out easily so there’s no residue to cause itching, and this shampoo is helpful when treating dander, hot spots, and skin irritation.

Happy Tails’ Sparkle and Shine Shampoo brightens and enhances the shine in your dog’s coat. It uses honey and yogurt to brighten your dog’s coat, and these ingredients also condition and heal your dog’s skin.

Happy Tails makes a Bubbles and Beads 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, so you can clean and condition your dog’s coat in one simple step. Bubbles and Beads contains conditioning beads which release healing ingredients to create a healthy coat and healthy skin.

If you’re looking for a great conditioner, the Fur Butter Conditioner can create a super soft coat. As an added bonus, this conditioner contains oatmeal which heals and dries itchy and irritated skin.

Cain and Able Collection

The Cain and Able Collection includes a Lavender Shampoo which is ideal for dogs with skin issues. The shampoo smells refreshing and helps to cool and soothe itchy skin.

Green Bulldog

Green Bulldog Shampoo is our go-to “house” shampoo. This shampoo is made with certified organic ingredients, including a colloidal oatmeal conditioner which is perfect for itchy and dry skin.

Tips for Bathing Your Dog

When you prepare to bathe your dog, make sure to choose a quiet time when your dog is relaxed. If your dog has never had a bath before, then it’s a good idea to enlist another person to help you. Go slowly, introducing your dog to water gradually, and use minimal shampoo during your dog’s first bath so that you can rinse quickly and keep the bath short.

As you bathe your dog, frequently test the water’s temperature to make sure that it’s not too hot or too cold. Never spray your dog with water directly in the face, and be careful to keep shampoos and conditioners out of your dog’s eyes.

To keep bathing your dog manageable, make it a pleasant experience for your dog. After the bath, give your dog a reward that he enjoys, such as some playtime or treats. If you can stay relaxed and happy during the bath, you can convey that same sense of relaxation and enjoyment to your dog.

Whether you bring your dog in for bathing at Bed and Biscuit Austin, or you decide to bathe your dog at home, these quality products can have your dog looking and feeling great.

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