How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Macro ear of a jack russell dog

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. If you haven’t cleaned your dog’s ears before, or if you’re wondering about the best ear cleaning technique, we have some tips here to help you out.

Why Ear Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning your dog’s ears can help to remove ear wax and debris, reducing the chance of your dog developing an ear infection. Some dogs need frequent ear cleanings in order to keep them healthy and comfortable.

What to Use When Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Before you sit down to clean your dog’s ears, gather up any supplies that you will need. Ear cleaning is pretty simple. You can use a cotton ball to reach into your dog’s ears – and if your dog is a small breed, it may be best to tear the cotton ball in half. Never use a Q-tip, since you can easily damage your dog’s ear canal.

You will also need an ear cleaning solution formulated just for dogs. There are a number of commercially available ear cleaning solutions, so talk with your vet about the type of ear cleaner that he would recommend.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Ask your dog to sit or lie down. Pour a few drops of the ear cleaning solution into your dog’s ear, then gently massage the ear for about twenty seconds to help work the solution down into the ear. This shouldn’t hurt your dog, but be gentle – his ears are sensitive.

Next, take the cotton ball and gently reach down inside his ear to pull out any extra wax. Don’t dig down into your dog’s ear, since this can cause him pain. Instead, use a gentle wiping motion. Repeat this process with your dog’s other ear.

Tips for Success

Clean your dog’s ears during a time when he’s relaxed, such as after he’s eaten and has settled down to relax. If your dog reacts strongly to ear cleaning, he may be in pain – take him to the vet to be checked out. Your vet can also advise you about how often you may need to clean your dog’s ears, since the frequency varies depending on a dog’s breed, activity level, and overall ear health.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is a fairly simple procedure, and the more often that you do it the more your dog will get used to the process.

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