Eye Injuries In Dogs

one-eyed puppyYour dog’s visual health is very important, and if you notice issues with your dog’s eyes, you need to act quickly. Eye conditions and injuries can progress rapidly, so calling the vet immediately can lead to a better prognosis for your dog. Wondering how to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and injury-free? These tips will help.

Know What to Look For

Familiarize yourself with what your dog’s eyes look like normally so that you can better identify irregularities if they occur. You should check your dog’s eyes every day at minimum, and should be sure to pay special attention after your dog has gone swimming or has been playing.

Redness, irritation, and unusual eye discharge can all indicate that there is something wrong with your dog’s eyes. One pupil that is larger than the other or an eye that seems to bulge are very serious symptoms, indicating that immediate veterinary attention is necessary. If your dog’s eyes are tearing or if one or both eyes is closed, then there may be an irritant or damage to your dog’s eyes.

Call Your Vet

It may be tempting to self-treat your dog’s irritated eye, but doing so can actually make things worse. Rather than trying to wait and see if the eye gets better, have your dog seen by his vet. You don’t want to risk your dog’s sight, and conditions like conjunctivitis and glaucoma can be fast-moving and serious.

Prevent Eye Issues

Caring for your dog’s eyes can help to prevent eye issues and injuries. If your dog has long hair around his eyes, then keep it neatly trimmed. Be sure that you train your dog on how to stand still for trimming, or you could risk injuring him. Always shield your dog’s eyes when trimming around them so that hair doesn’t fall into them and so that you can’t accidentally injure your dog with the clippers.

Dogs who get enthusiastic in their play can also injure their eyes, especially if they stir up debris that gets into their eyes. Try to avoid playing fetch in areas with deep sand, loose dirt, or deep leaves. Instead, seek out grassy areas to play with your dog.

And although many dogs love to ride with their heads out of the car window, doing so is just asking for an injury, especially to your dog’s eyes. While you can roll your car window down a little bit, don’t roll it down far enough for your dog to stick his head through. Debris can fly into your dog’s eye, and if a rock is tossed up by a passing car, your dog could end up hurt.

The health of your dog’s eyes and vision is a major part of his overall health. If you know what to look for and how to keep your dog safe, then you’re doing a great job looking out for your dog’s visual health.

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