Dog Day School

What is the Day School Program?

Practice makes perfect – especially when training a dog! Our Day School is a supplemental program for doggy day care that offers extra repetition and reinforcement of training and behavior exercises to keep working on what you and your dog are already working on at home. All of our dog training and behavior services are people-centered and require consistent owner participation. However, the benefit of this day time reinforcement provided by our staff during the program will help to refine your dog’s skills and training much more quickly.

Benefits of Pairing Doggy Day Care & Day School

Participating in Dog Day School will also provide our staff members with complete knowledge of the commands your dog knows and responds to, since their home and “school” communication will be as similar as possible. This type of consistency offers even more stability and comfort for the dog – as well as continued reinforcement of what they already know, or are already learning.

To find out more about how the Bed and Biscuit Dog Day School program can help advance your own pet’s training, simply complete our New Client Registration.


What’s the difference between dog day care, day school, and training?

Our boarding facility offers a Dog Day Care Center that serves to help socialize, exercise, and provide stimulating interaction vital to your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing while the pet owner is working, attending school or running errands during the day. The Dog Day School program is most frequently used together with one of our dog training classes, or with advanced training like the Behavioral Consulting Program. This combination uses repetition to reinforce training commands while providing additional bonding between the dog and his/her owner. Training offers our people-centered behavioral methods that owners participate in, and can be a single class, a seminar, or an ongoing program.

All three pet services have an important, yet individual function that when used in combination properly can be very beneficial for your canine friend – especially when schooling older dogs. Let our friendly and skilled staff help you find the right service for your pup.

As the owner, how am I expected to get involved with my dog’s training?

Research studies have proven time and time again that nobody knows your dog better than you do. Therefore, as the pet’s owner, Bed and Biscuit requires your 100% participation in all our training programs. At our facility, our professional dog trainers will work side-by-side with you teaching minimally aversive behavior training that your dog will respond to without using discomforting tactics. Even aggressive barking can be deterred using our training methods when applied properly. You’ll be able to confidently train your pooch with positive reinforcement successfully using our scientific-based dog training programs developed around the training methods of dog trainer and canine behavioral specialist, Elizabeth Givens. Call now to speak with a professional trainer on our team.

Can I put my dog in Day School instead of the training class?

We would recommend our day school services for any supplemental training. This is because we firmly believe the pet owner should have the leading role in training their dog with the guidance of our professional dog trainers. Doggy Day School is composed of the dog and owner working with the trainer in conjunction with dog training classes. The Dog Day School program allows for additional repetition training used as behavioral reinforcement. We recommend you try a combination of classes or just give us a call, and we can work together to figure out what is most comfortable for each individual pup.