Beyond Sit and Stay: What Tricks is Your Dog Hiding Up His Furry Sleeve?

Having an intelligent dog is a double-edged sword; while he may pick up on training cues with ease, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your dog understands his obedience training and knows what kind of behavior you expect from him. You can leave your dog alone for a few hours knowing that he knows his boundaries and will not tear up the couch or get into the trash; you know that you can trust your dog to behave on outings, trust his recall at the dog park, and you know that your dog will be well mannered around guests. However, having a highly intelligent dog can result in unexpected behavioral problems.


Having a highly intelligent dog takes work. Though the obedience training may be effective for a period of time, but your intelligent dog may eventually become bored and act out even though he knows better. Boredom in dogs, especially highly intelligent dogs, surfaces in a variety of ways. Your dog may become destructive by chewing, digging, or excessively barking; he may pace, and develop obsessive behaviors. Your dog may even become depressed. Your dog may have aced obedience class with flying colors, but an intelligent dog needs extra mental stimulation!

Enrolling your dog in an advanced training class may be just the ticket. As a pet parent, you can learn different ways to stimulate your furry little genius. Through teaching your dog tricks that require a higher level of intelligence, you will keep him entertained. Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for every dog, but is especially true for dogs who possess a higher aptitude than his peers.

Teaching your dog tricks that use his brain will help your dog immensely. Fun tricks that require balance, self-control, or a series of actions will give your smart dog something to focus on. Not only will your dog be happier and more relaxed having expended his pent-up mental energy, learning tricks that require your dog to use his mind will increase his confidence level, promoting even more positive behavior and continued learning!

By enrolling your dog in the Bed and Biscuit Austin class for Advanced Dog Training, you can give your dog the mental stimulation he needs and also learn different ways to have fun with your dog. You must first attend and finish the Dog Training Fundamentals course, but if you are currently enrolled and you see that your dog is picking up general obedience classes with ease, consider your next step and plan to enroll in the Advanced Dog Training class!

By teaching your dog fun tricks, he will be a happier and more content pup and you as the pet parent can have fun showing off your dog’s new and interesting tricks! Your dog’s continued learning is beneficial to him as a whole, pleasing him and providing another opportunity to strengthen your bond with your dog!

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