What to Do With Your Dog When You Go On Vacation

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Summertime is the perfect time to head out on vacation with your family, but there’s one family member who will need some special care during your vacation – your dog. Wondering what to do with your dog while you’re on vacation? Here are some options to consider.

Bring Your Dog On Vacation

It may be possible for you to bring your dog on vacation with you. If you’re traveling by car and your dog enjoys car rides, he can easily come along, as long as you’re staying in hotels which are pet-friendly. If you’ll be flying, then you will need to find out the airline’s regulations for bringing along pets. Your dog will be required to be up to date on his vaccinations, and to also have a veterinarian’s health certificate in order to fly.

Board Your Dog

If bringing your dog along on vacation isn’t an option, then you may want to look into boarding your dog. Boarding your dog with a professional, well-run facility can help to ensure that he gets the care and attention that he needs while you’re gone. Many dog boarding facilities can meet dogs’ individual needs, including administering medications and giving the dogs proper exercise. When you board your dog, he will be in a location with other dogs and staff nearby, which can help to reduce his boredom compared to if you were to leave him at home.

If you think that you might want to board your dog during a vacation, call up your boarding facility well ahead of time to schedule the stay. Summer is a busy time for dog boarding, and many facilities fill up.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Another option is to hire a pet sitter to come to your home and care for your dog. Many pet sitters will even do overnight stays so that your dog has someone present in the home with him. Pet sitters typically stop by a certain number of times per day to feed and exercise your dog.

Some dog owners opt to hire pet sitters if they know that their dogs do not do well in a boarding atmosphere. However, when you hire a pet sitter, it’s likely that your dog will still be home alone for long portions of the day. If you do decide to hire a pet sitter, look for someone who is a professional pet sitter, who is insured, and who has excellent references.

If you’d like to board your dog or want to learn more about boarding, give us a call at Bed & Biscuit Austin – we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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