Who’s the Boss? Why Being Involved In Your Dog’s Training Builds Your Relationship

Dogs, by nature, have a ‘pack mentality.’ They are pack animals by nature, relying on their pecking order within the pack to operate. Dogs instinctively want and need to know their place in the pack. By setting the example that you as his pet parent are his pack leader, your dog will not only be happier but better behaved knowing that you are who he looks to for direction. By being the main active participant in your dog’s training, you will help him establish his place in the pack while gaining his trust and he will take to instruction much easier.


The pack leader is who makes the decisions within the pack. When to eat, when to play, and how to behave. The pack leader is the provider, the protector, and essentially the ‘boss’ of the rest of the pack. Because of your dog’s instinctive pack animal nature, he absolutely must know who the leader is in his pack. If he is not shown that there is a leader in his pack, he will try to assume the position as pack leader so that he is comfortable knowing that someone is leading the pack. You must take the position of pack leader for your dog and be consistent with the fact that you make the rules. This takes the stress of who is leading and protecting your pack off of your dog and lets him focus on just being a dog.

Participating in your dog’s training is essential for building a healthy relationship with your dog. Your dog must know that he can trust you, that you are the one making the decisions and that you know what you are doing as pack leader. This is why consistency is key in dog training. When finding a program for dog training, Austin is rich with resources for training your dog. However, finding a training class that is owner-centric is imperative.

By being hands-on with your dog training, your dog sees that you will be the one providing him with instruction. You are the one teaching your dog obedience. A class that teaches ever-important obedience without the dog’s owner present and participating is detrimental to the dog/owner relationship. If the owner is not involved, the dog begins to see the teacher of the class as the one to trust and listen to, and not the parent. This leads to the confusion as to who the pack leader is for your dog. By being involved in your dog’s training, you build a relationship with your dog that is built on a strong foundation of trust-your dog must trust that you are his pack leader.

As you build your relationship with your dog, training becomes easier. Your dog will be eager to please you as the leader of his pack. At Bed and Biscuit Austin, owner-centric training helps you take these steps in training your dog and helps you to build a solid relationship with your dog for life.

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