Puppy Steps: Properly Training Your Puppy

Puppies are ever-changing: constantly growing, constantly learning, and constantly headed toward doggie adulthood. The puppy stage is short-lived. While his jumping up on your legs to greet you, bounding around the house, and climbing on the furniture may be endearing now, he will soon be an adult dog and his little puppy quirks may not be so adorable then. Teaching your puppy boundaries and training him properly through puppyhood ensures that you will have a well-behaved, well-adjusted, pleasant companion through all stages of life.

puppy-trainingPuppies look to their pet parents for guidance – after all, they are brand new to this world and unsure of what their humans want or expect from them. Being pack animals, they absorb every cue from you as to how they should behave. It is important, even from the tender age of 8-weeks-old, to set boundaries for your puppy, and to show your puppy that you are his pack leader.

It is very important to a dog to know his place in your pack. By showing him that you are his pack leader, it takes the stress off your dog to find his place in the pack and lets him just be a dog instead of having to worry about about whether or not he is the pack leader himself. By showing your dog his boundaries and staying consistent with them, your puppy will learn what the rules in your house are, and who sets them. For example, if your rule is “No Dogs on The Furniture,” stay consistent with this rule. Any deviation will confuse your puppy as to what the rules really are.

Routine is also very important to your puppy and the way that he learns, which is why it is important for you, as a pet parent, to be the one to set the boundaries. It is important for pet owners to attend a training class with their puppy, rather than dropping the puppy off to be trained. If the puppy’s pack leader is not there participating in the training, the training will not be as effective. The pet parent needs to be the one showing the puppy proper manners and boundaries, so that he will not be confused when the training session is over. If the owner is the one doing the training, the puppy will understand what the rules are within his pack.

Training your puppy is a wonderful bonding experience. With owner-centric training at Bed and Biscuit Austin, both you and your puppy will learn positive techniques and begin the journey of training together. The journey of training never ends. There is always something new to teach your dog all the way through adulthood, so start off on the right paw by laying down the foundations of puppy training and you will both be wagging your tails.


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