Old Dogs, New Tricks

Adopting an older dog with a storied past from a shelter or rescue is incredibly noble; you save a life, and make space for the next life to be saved. Adopting a dog who may have had a rough young life gives him or her a fresh start, and a chance to be a loved member of your household. Training an older or adopted dog can be challenging, however. A dog whose background you do not know may be more difficult to train than a brand new puppy, but with the right tools and the right attitude it can be done, and is definitely a rewarding experience for pet owners and their adopted dogs alike.

older-dog-trainingGaining trust from an older dog is an important step in training. A dog that you haven’t known very long may view people as frightening or threatening, and must be shown that you are the pack leader and can be trusted. By being calm yet stern, patient and yet consistent, your adopted or older dog will gain confidence in you and you will gain his trust.

By taking steps at home before enrolling the two of you in a local Austin dog training program, you can break the ice and start off on the right foot with your new friend. Maintaining a consistent routine will help him to realize that you are his pack leader. A simple step like feeding at designated times of the day will teach him that you are his provider and will always feed him. Dogs are very food-oriented and pack-oriented by nature. By feeding him at regular times, he will see that you are the one who has access to food and shares it with him, therefore beginning to gain his trust.

Another step you can take before enrolling in training classes is to set some general rules in your house and be consistent with them. Be gentle yet firm when showing him what to do and not do. This is a step to show your dog that you are in charge without scaring him, and lets him know that he can trust you not to harm him when you are showing him the ropes. If you are consistent, he will trust that you know what you are doing. Maintaining consistency, no matter what your rules are, is very important to a dog’s pack mentality and behavior, making training an easier process.

Once you have begun to gain the trust of your adopted or older dog, you will need to enroll him in owner-centric training classes where you will participate in his training. Participating in your adopted dog’s training is important as he learns that you are the one who will continue to show him what you expect from him. At Bed and Biscuit Austin, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your older or adopted dog, showing him you accept him into your pack by bonding with him through obedience training.


Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/pmarkham/1450246813

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