The Versatile Benefits of Dogs

Dog lying in home office with man in backgroundWe all know how rewarding dog ownership can be. Dogs provide unconditional love, are incredibly intelligent, and are capable of forming undeniably strong bonds with people. But dogs can bring these benefits – and more – to some unexpected places. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that dogs help humans every day.

Canine Therapy

Dogs provide therapeutic benefits in countless ways. Therapy dogs in hospitals and rehabilitation centers can bring comfort to patients, giving them an uplifting break in what can be an otherwise painful or boring recovery.

Therapy dogs can also assist people with a wide range of conditions, including depression, autism, behavioral disorders, substance abuse and even Alzheimer’s. With proper training, a therapy dog can help countless people during its lifetime.

Dogs with Jobs

Dogs have a wide range of jobs outside of being therapy dogs. Police dogs help to keep the public and officers safe daily. Rescue dogs save lives in search and rescue missions. Guide dogs help people to live fuller lives when their worlds would be limited without assistance. Ranch and farm dogs help handle livestock, and dogs are even popular on golf courses where they are trained to chase geese off of the greens.

Thanks to the intelligence and dedication of dogs, they have been trained to provide invaluable services to humans. Not only would our lives be more difficult without working dogs, but in some situations they would also be more dangerous. Think about the benefits that bomb-sniffing dogs provide us with – we truly depend on our working dogs.

Dogs in the Workplace

Even if dogs don’t have specific jobs of their own, they can still positively affect the workforce. Some offices are opening their doors to four-legged friends so that their employees can reap the many benefits of having dogs in the workplace. Dogs provide relaxation and lessen stress while in a work environment. Since they need to go outside on a regular basis, having a dog in an office can encourage workers to move about regularly. This disrupts the typical sedentary office lifestyle and provides workers with regular mental and physical breaks.

The popularity of dog-friendly workplaces is spreading. For instance, Google, Amazon, and smaller businesses like MyTennisLessons all allow canine companions in the office. Think that your workplace could benefit from a dog’s presence? Mention the many benefits of dogs to your manager and see if you can work something out.

Dogs provide us with a wide variety of benefits, and they do so in a number of environments. Our lives would be very different if we didn’t have dogs alongside us!


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