Top Reasons To Be Thankful We’re Dog Lovers

dog with loving owner

In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for one of the biggest blessings in our lives – our dogs. When you think about it, we’re really lucky to be dog lovers. Here are just a few reasons that we should be thankful this year.

Four-Legged Therapists

Dogs are some of the best therapists there are. They always lend us a listening ear and are perfectly content to sit or lie with us even when we don’t want to talk. These four-legged therapists give us companionship during our lonely times, and they always support us. When you have a dog in your life, you have someone that you can tell your secrets to, and you can be 100% certain that they will never share your secrets with anyone else.

Unconditional Love

Dogs see us at our best, but they also see us at our worst. Through it all, they love us just the same. There is nothing more rewarding than the unconditional love that a dog gives to his family. Seeing our dog forgive and continue to love us despite our shortcomings reminds us to be tolerant and accepting of others.

Someone Waiting at Home

Knowing that a dog will be at home to greet us after a rough day can make that day a little bit easier. Having a dog greet us at the door with a wagging tail makes us feel loved, valued, and appreciated. When a dog wants to go outside as soon as we get home, we’re less likely to sit down on the couch for an hour. A dog’s greeting can add new energy to our lives.

Stress Relief

Having a dog helps to relieve the stress of our everyday lives. A dog requires daily walks, which keeps us active and helps to relieve stress. When playing with a dog, we can’t help but have fun watching his delight. Dogs make us take a break from work or school, which is a must in stress reduction.

A Door to New Adventures

Dogs keep us curious. You can’t help but admire a dog’s persistence in tracking a new scent or when inspecting new sights and sounds. With a dog’s unyielding curiosity, we can become more curious and adventurous, too. Exploring new trails, sports, and activities to do with our dogs adds more variety and excitement to our lives.

Dogs give us so many reasons to be thankful that we’re dog lovers. What are some of the reasons that you are thankful for your dog this year?


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