Tips for a Fun Camping Trip with Your Dog

Tips for a Fun Camping Trip with Your Dog

Are you planning some camping trips this summer? Camping is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy – even your dog. These tips will help make sure your camping trip is an enjoyable experience for your entire family.

Make Sure the Location Allows Dogs

When you’re planning your camping trip, make sure that your intended destination is a location which allows dogs. Many campgrounds have strict rules about dogs, and some prohibit them entirely. Check out this list of pet-friendly campgroundswhen planning your trip so that your whole family can go camping.

Bring Along More than Enough Food

The last thing you want to do is run out of food for your dog while camping. Suddenly changing your dog’s food to another brand or formula can cause digestive upset, so when you’re packing for your camping trip, pack extra food – you never know when you might decide to extend thetrip. If your dog is on any medications, then you will want to bring along extras just to be safe.

You should exercise the same precautions when packing your dog’s food as you do when packing your own. Keep your dog’s food in airtight, waterproof containers. Be sure that you bring along a can opener for canned food, and, if you’re camping in an area where bears are common, follow the campground’s recommended policy for preventing bears from accessing food.

Pack Medical and Vaccination Records

It’s important to bring along a copy of your dog’s medical and vaccination records. Be sure that you have proof that your dog has received his rabies vaccination in particular. Having your dog’s medical records can make it easier for a vet who does not know your dog to treat him in case an accident should happen and your dog needs veterinary treatment while you’re away from home.

Use a Collar and ID Tags

It’s always important for your dog to wear a collar with ID tags, but it’s particularly important to make sure he always wears his collar while you’re camping. If your dog’s ID tags have your home phone number on them, have a new ID tag printed up for the camping trip which includes your cell phone number so that you can be quickly reached if your dog gets lost.

Pack Plenty of Clean-Up Bags

Just like when you walk your dog around town, it’s common courtesy to pick up after your dog around the campground. Pack plenty of clean-up bags so that you can leave the grounds in the same state that you found them.

Camping with your dog is just one of many fun activities to try with your dog this summer, and with preparation, camping can be a fun activity for everyone involved.

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