Should You Get a Second Dog?

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Are you considering adding a second dog to your family? Having two dogs can be great, but you need to make sure that getting a second dog is the right decision for your whole family. Think about these factors when deciding whether to get a second dog.

Additional Time and Attention

A second dog will require additional time and attention, especially if he is young or needs training. Training a dog can be time-consuming, so consider whether you’re ready for the commitment that getting a second dog will require. Remember, too, that you will need to be sure to give both your new dog and your current dog plenty of attention so that they both feel secure and loved!

Increased Expense

When you already own a dog, it might seem that adding on a second dog won’t be a huge financial change. But in fact, adding a second dog can be very expensive. Remember that your second dog will require the same veterinary attention that your current dog does, and if your new dog gets sick or hurt, he will become very costly very quickly. A second dog will mean increased cost when you board your dogs. Make sure that you have enough money saved up to be able to pay any bills that you might encounter while you own two dogs.

Your Current Dog’s Reaction

Carefully consider what adding a second dog to the family would mean to your current dog. If your current dog is anti-social, then he might not be as excited about a new family member as you think he would be. On the other hand, if your current dog is well socialized and has previously lived with another dog, then he might welcome the new addition.

Introducing your new dog to your current dog will be a gradual process and will require some patience and guidance on your part. It’s important to make sure that both dogs stay safe and happy during the introduction period. In some cases, enlisting the help of a dog trainer or dog behaviorist may be a good way to help make the introductions as smooth as possible.

Companionship Benefits

Having a second dog can bring increased companionship into your house. Not only will you get to open your heart to another dog, but having a second dog can help to keep your current dog company. A second dog will give your current dog a buddy to socialize with, and this can be a very valuable benefit if your dog otherwise spends a lot of time alone.

Adding a second dog to your family is a big decision, so take some time to think over whether this new family member is right for you.

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