Reasons Why We’ll Always Love Dogs


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and love is in the air. Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but we bet there’s one special pup who’s stolen your heart forever. In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at the many reasons that we’ll always love our dogs.

Dogs Are Excited to See You at the End of the Day

When you arrive home after a long day of work, your dog is always there to greet you, and you can guarantee that he’ll be enthusiastic in his greeting. To dogs, you coming back home is the best thing in the world. Who else celebrates your return every day with such excitement and pure joy?

Dogs Will Follow You Anywhere

A loyal dog is willing to follow you wherever you go. He’s happy to head out on a hike, to run errands with you, and to help you do yard work. And a ride in the car? That’s even more exciting. Dogs don’t care what they’re doing, as long as they’re doing it with you. What better way is there to feel loved and appreciated?

Dogs Always Forgive Your Mistakes

You mess up, you yell, you do something that you shouldn’t have. As guilty as you may feel, your dog will forgive you. Dogs are incredibly intelligent, and also incredibly forgiving. Your dog will give you a second chance to do what is right, because everyone needs a little forgiveness sometimes.

Dogs Will Never Let You Sleep Alone

When you have a dog, you will never have to sleep alone again. Regardless of whether you allow your dog to actually sleep in your bed, your dog can still sleep in your bedroom – just make sure to give him a dog bed of his own. It can be nice to wake up and know that your dog has stayed just feet away from you all night long.

Dogs Only Want to Please

There’s nothing better than seeing a dog eager to do whatever it takes to please you. A dog’s enthusiasm and desire to please can make you feel appreciated and extremely loved. Such complete dedication is rare in today’s world, so when you see how much your dog wants to please you, appreciate how special this quality truly is.

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