How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Job

Dog lying in home office with woman in background

Does your dog stare at you longingly when you set out for work each day? Jobs take up a large portion of our lives, but your job and your dog don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here are a few ways that you might be able to incorporate your dog into your job.

Set Up a Home Office

If possible, see if you can set up a home office so that you can work while still being around your dog. Having your dog right in your office might not be ideal – it will definitely depend on how well trained your dog is, how much time you spend on the phone, and how much your dog tends to bark. If you would like to brush up on your dog’s training, then be sure to give us a call – our professional trainers would be happy to help.

Bring Your Dog to Work

Even if you can’t work from home, there may be opportunities for you to bring your dog to work. Some employers offer “bring your dog to work” days – and if your employer doesn’t already offer this day, suggest that they add it to their calendar. Some employers host company picnics and barbeques, and dogs may be welcome on these occasions.

Talk With Your Supervisor

Some employers offer dog-friendly workplaces. Depending on the type of work that you do and the work environment, you may be able to bring your dog in to work with you sometimes. Try speaking with some coworkers to see if this is a situation that they would be interested in. Then, ask your employer if he or she would be open to a dog-friendly workplace, even on an occasional basis.

Bring Your Dog On Errand Trips

Depending on your job, you may find that you spend lots of time in the car, running errands. Consider bringing your dog along with you during your errand trips. Many dogs love car rides, and chances are that your dog would love the chance to spend some more time with you. Just watch the weather, though – never leave your dog in a hot car, since even a short time in the heat can be deadly for your dog.

Whether or not you can incorporate your dog into your work partially depends on the type of work that you do and your employer. If you find that you can’t incorporate your dog into your job, then consider enrolling him in Doggy Daycare so that he still has plenty of entertainment, care, and exercise during the day.

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