Fun Activities to Try With Your Dog This Summer

Are you looking to do something new and different with your dog this summer? There are countless summer activities that you and your dog can participate in. Here are just a few ideas.


Dock Diving

If you’ve never been to a dock diving competition before, you should definitely check one out. In dock diving, or dock jumping, dogs and owners compete to see which dog can jump off of the dock the farthest or the highest. The owner stands on the dock with the dog and throws a toy into the water, and the dog’s leap after the toy is measured. Each dog gets two jumps in the competition, and the dog that jumps the farthest or highest wins.

Training Classes

Training your dog in a new skill can be a great way to spend the summer. Advancing your pet’s training will also help to build your relationship. Consider taking a specialized class in agility to expose you and your dog to something new. Whatever class you take, be sure that it’s with a reputable and experienced trainer.


Exploring new trails is a great summer pastime, so why don’t you bring your dog along? Hiking is an excellent source of exercise, even when it’s hot out. If you’ll be going far, be sure to bring along plenty of water for both you and your dog. And, of course, check that any trails you hike allow dogs.


If the wilderness appeals to you, then you might enjoy taking your dog on a camping trip. There are any number of activities that you and your dog can do while camping, such as canoeing, hiking or swimming. If you plan to head to a camp ground, be sure to call ahead to make sure that they allow dogs first.

Joining a Dog Walking Club

Looking to meet new people who like dogs? There’s no better way to do it than to join up with a dog walking club. Dog walking clubs provide an opportunity for you and your pet to socialize with other dogs and their owners. Your dog will be sure to get exercise (and you will, too!) by meeting up with the club regularly. You and your dog may get some friends out of the deal, and you will probably learn some new information about different dog breeds, dog health and dog training from the other members.

There are many different activities that you can try with your dog this summer. What are your summer plans so far?


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