Our Favorite Dog DIY Projects

There’s nothing more gratifying for a dog owner than to share some of your favorite dog DIY projects with your fellow lovers of four-legged friends. From treats to toys, there are so many fun and thrifty ideas to be explored. And personally, we think they are frequently the most cost effective and thoughtful gifts as well. Therefore, we would like to highlight some our favorite Dog DIY Projects with you to share!

DIY projects for your dog can often re-purpose scrap materials lying around the house, inexpensive components can be purchased at craft stores or online venues, and yummy treats typically require popular food ingredients we already have in our kitchens. Best of all – unlike the imported stuff we buy in stores these days – we KNOW what goes into our DIY dog projects.

Take for instance the Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Treats from MunchkinsandMilitary.com This dog-tasty recipe is as simple as gets made with only 3 ingredients! We all know how much dogs love peanut butter and banana, so it only makes sense to have the best of both worlds. Add the raw oatmeal beaten to a powder and you have a winning combination your dog is sure to love. Don’t forget to use Xylitol-free Peanut Butter!

If your dog’s breath would scare a vampire away, try out the organic Fresh Breath Treats featured on DIYDogMom.com They are simplistic, and contain fresh organic coconut oil and mint, parsley and turmeric. Toss one in their dinner or offer one or two as a reward.

Everyone has a pair of worn out blue jeans laying around the house they hate to part with. What if we told you you don’t have to…sort of? Consider repurposing those jeans into a box of Denim Dog Toys from PillarBoxBlue.com. Cut out the desired shapes, stuff with polyfill and a squeaker, sew and you are sure to have instant dog fun!

When the Austin heat gets too unbearable to do much of anything and you want to add some hydrating fun to their day, try out this fun DIY Frozen Dog Treat by PurplePatchDIY.com It’s truly fun for dogs and cools them down while re-hydrating.

Treat time at your house can tickle your funny bone and entertain your dog with the DIY Treat Dispenser from the DailyDogTag.com Why be boring when you can spice it up? If you have the usual household tools, some old 2 liter bottles laying around, then pick up a little PVC pipe and a chicken nesting box at your local farm store and you will have a barrel of fun with this lil’ gem!

As with all toys – homemade or mass produced – you never leave your dog unsupervised with plush toys stuffed with polyfill with/without squeakers. Additionally, if want to share your wares to a good cause, consider donating them to your local ASPCA, Humane Society or local private shelter. You will make the day for many dogs and do your soul good.

Original Source: https://www.bedandbiscuitaustin.com/benefits-of-dog-ownership/favorite-dog-diy-projects/

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