The Best Time to Get Your Dog a Companion

Have you been throwing around the idea of getting your dog a companion lately? Then you’re in good company! As a matter of fact, statistics show 54.1 million dog-owning households in the United States have multiple dogs. However, just because it’s a popular notion, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone. So, the real question becomes–when is the best time to get your dog a companion?

You have mastered the responsibility of owning a dog thus far, and he’s finally used to your day to day schedule. He knows your routine for work or school, when it’s time for walks and playtime, and is pretty good about keeping the 3 a.m. potty calls down to a dull roar. He no longer chews on your slippers or hair brush, and he’s well mannered, but lately he appears a bit mopey, bored, or beside himself while peering at his toy box. Could it be he’s lonely? Or, is it more a question of what I want? Maybe your dog’s other companion passed away. If he or she has, then I implore you to first research the natural grieving process of a dog before making a decision.

These questions and more are all viable concerns you need to sort through before making a decision. More importantly:

  • Will your landlord approve?

  • Can you afford a second dog?

  • Will your dog accept another dog?

  • Are you ready to train a second dog?

  • Is every household member on board with the idea?

  • Is your current dog well behaved and in good health?

  • Do you belong to a HOA that will approve multiple dogs?

  • Does your city/township regulations permit a second dog?

  • Have you got the time and patience required for multiple dogs?

Ultimately, your current dog must be accepting of the concept of a companion. Sex, dominance and personality are contributing factors of your dog’s acceptance. It’s not something you can force. Just because some new ‘Johnny come lately’ has tripped your cuteness trigger, doesn’t mean your devoted furry friend will agree.

Is there a better time of year?

Dogs are not produce. Anytime of the year is perfect to bring home a new puppy or adult dog. That being said, some folks find it harder to get out in the colder months to actively play or walk outside. However, it’s not impossible either! Many big box stores and pet stores allow for well behaved leashed dogs indoors. Not only does Brutus get socialized and exercised, but he’s afforded the enjoyment of a car ride, too! If the weather or unexpected work/school hours are a concern, our doggie day care service is always available!

Hopefully, we have clarified your quandary. Or perhaps we have given you a different perspective. And remember — just as with children — the existing dog will know all mischievous tricks to pull. Trust me when I say that the newcomer will be quick to catch on! You must be ready, willing, and able to commit yourself equally between the two of them.

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