A Summertime Bucket List for You and Your Dog

A Summertime Bucket List for You and Your Dog

Want to have the best summer ever with your dog? Then why not make a summertime bucket list full of activities that you both can participate in? We’ve come up with some activities that you and your dog should definitely try out this summer. Here are some ideas.

Dine at a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Did you know that Austin is home to many dog-friendly establishments? Plan on getting some lunch or dinner with your dog at one of these great locations – be sure to check out our blog post for some ideas.

Give Dock Diving a Try

Dock diving is a fun sport that both you and your dog can take part in, and it’s the perfect way to help your dog cool off during the summer. Dock diving is a competitive sport, but you can also have a lot of fun. If your dog loves water and fetch, then you may want to look into this sport – it could be a great match for both of you.

Go Swimming With Your Dog

The summer is a perfect time to take your dog swimming. Head down to a local pond or lake, but make sure that dogs are allowed first. Bring along some toys that will float, like tennis balls, so that your dog can play fetch in the water. Don’t forget to bring plenty of towels for the ride home, and be ready to give your dog a bath so that he smells good again. If you’re not thrilled with the bathing part, then give us a call and make an appointment to have your dog bathed.

Go for a Hike

Take some time to go hiking with your dog. Explore new trails and different places. Bring along plenty of water for both you and your dog, and take frequent breaks, especially if it’s hot out.

Head Out on a Road Trip

Take a road trip with your dog this summer. Head to a new destination with your best friend along for the ride. Call ahead to find dog-friendly lodging, and bring along plenty of dog food from home so that your dog doesn’t have to deal with unnecessary dietary changes. And don’t forget your camera, too, of course.

Have Your Dog Groomed

Want to have your dog looking extra-good for all of your bucket list activities? Then make a grooming appointment for your dog. Having your dog groomed will have him looking and feeling great, and he’ll appreciate a new haircut with all of the summertime heat.

We hope that you and your dog have a wonderful summer together!

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