Want to Take Your Pet Out? Discover a Few Fall Festivals Coming Up That You Can Both Enjoy!

Cute white puppy dog lying in leaves in autumn, fall forest.

Your pet probably enjoys going out for walks in the neighborhood as well as local parks. Mostly your dog just likes being out and about with you, so why not offer a change of scenery? During the fall months, many outdoor festivals are known to take place in and around Austin, where you can enjoy the cool weather with your pet as well as shop and take in local sights. Find fun festivals in your area to attend with your pooch so you both can get a little exercise and enjoy time together.

Hutto Olde Tyme Days

Located just 30 minutes from Austin, Texas, Hutto offers visitors the option to enjoy the Hutto Olde Tyme Days festival in October. On the 14th and 15th, walk throughout the festival and enjoy food vendors, beer, arts and crafts and more. Take your pooch along as you enjoy viewing more than 100 booths by local as well as regional vendors showing off their arts and crafts skills. Children enjoy the festival as well with games, a petting zoo and pony rides that are setup throughout the festival.

Springdale Harvest Fest

Another popular festival in the Austin area is the Springdale Harvest Fest. Taking place on the 16th of October, where farm land is transported into a lovely Fall space for food and fun. Bring along your furry friend to enjoy seasonal dishes prepared by top chefs, custom drinks, lawn games and unique music. Activities are family friendly and your pet is sure to enjoy the outdoor space with plenty to see and smell.

Bark for Life Austin

Created specifically for doggies, the Bark for Life Austin event is a must for dog owners. The event takes place in Austin at the Yard Bar and benefits the American Cancer Society. Owners can bring their pets for a day of fun and help a good cause. The event runs from 12 pm until 3pm on the 6th of November and will offer activities for your doggie as well as food, contests and more. With a cost of $25, you will find your pet has an amazing time making new friends and having fun taking part in the events’ many activities. There will be other dogs here, so make sure your pup is properly socialized or doesn’t get anxious too easily.

To find more festivals in your area or just a short drive away, log online and start your festival search. The fall months are prime time for cities and towns to feature unique festivals and events that are perfect for an outing with your furry friend. Be sure to remember to bring any items you may need for a long journey such as a collar and leash, food and snacks for your pup as well as poop bags. You want to have a good time without having to stop to buy items you could have brought from home. Be prepared and you can stay for hour enjoying fun with your pet.

Also remember that your pet may tire easily from all the action. Take plenty of resting and water breaks. Be prepared to head home if your dog has had enough entertainment for one day. Enjoy the time you have together as you get out and explore!

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