October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! How Can You Find the Best Shelter or Online Resources to Find Your New Friend?


Adopting a dog from the shelter is the perfect way to find a new friend. Animals in shelters are loving creatures who just need a loving place to call home. But how can you find the best shelter in your area? Or how can you use online resources to find a new friend? Read on to see just what you can do to locate your new pet.

Ask Around

Start by asking around. Ask family and friends who have adopted a dog before which shelter or service they recommend. The best shelters will provide quality care for the animals in their charge, including vet care and shots. Keep in mind that some dogs in the shelter may need special care or attention, and it is good to look into past history (if any is available). The best shelters will provide any treatment necessary so animals will be ready for adoption as soon as possible.

Go Online

Another way to find top rated shelters is to go online and research local adoption centers or services. You should find websites for each shelter and be able to learn more about the facilities near you. Look at Facebook pages or review sites of the animal shelters you’re considering and read the available feedback. Avoid any shelter that has bad reviews for things like lack of care for animals, or undiagnosed sickness in adopted pets. Reading real reviews by previous visitors to the facility will give you a better idea as to what the shelter has to offer and what to expect. Many adoption centers and shelters also have foster programs, so not all available dogs will be in the shelter when you go to visit. Going online can be a good way to make sure you view all the potential options before making a decision.

Other Online Resources

Perhaps you are looking for a certain type of dog to adopt but have no idea how to locate a specific breed locally. There are online resource options available to help you find your next pet. Sites such as The American Kennel Club (AKC)  www.akc.org/rescue.htm. This is a good way to find breed specific rescue groups.  Petfinder or Petango will provide you with search options in and around your area. You can view photos and information on animals located at shelters near your home to find the right dog for you and your family.

You can also use the animal shelter social media pages or website to view the animals available. Many shelters will upload photos for individuals to be able to see what animals are available. Take a look at these photos often, as the dogs may change on a day to day basis. On social media, you have the option to share such photos as well. Help the animals in their adoption quest by sharing such photos to friends and family.

Overall, there are many ways you can find a top rated shelter in your area or use online resources to adopt a new pet. Learn more about the adoption process by speaking with officials of local shelters so you fully understand what must be done to take home one of these special pups. Always be sure to avoid pet stores or puppy mills as these are not quality options for pet adoption. If interested in why this is not the best option for adopting see ASPCA’s insight here.

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