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In our last post, we talked about the history of Bed and Biscuit Austin. We told you how our staff welcomes every dog and every owner who comes through the door as if they were family.  But, there is one member of our team in particular we’d like to introduce (if you don’t know her already). That person is the primary owner of Bed and Biscuit Austin, Kara Crawford Norton.

Bed and Biscuit Austin has been the realization of a dream for Kara. She has worked hard to get to where she is today, but ultimately, her love of dogs, her business knowledge, and her high standard of client service  have resulted in success.

The road that lead Kara to the world of dogs has been a bit roundabout. She graduated from University of Texas with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked in the technology field for ten years. But, what she really wanted to do was work with dogs.

At first, Kara was interested in becoming a therapy dog trainer. Not only did dog behavior intrigue her, but she also knew how people and dogs could improve the quality of each other’s lives. This care and concern for both the well-being of pets and their owners shows in the way she runs Bed and Biscuit Austin.

One of the most valuable things that Kara learned working as an engineer was how to solve problems. So, when she decided to change careers, she knew she needed a strategy. She came to the conclusion that, if she really wanted to work with dogs, she needed to get as much exposure to them as possible. With this in mind, Kara took a job as a kennel tech.

Starting off in this entry-level job couldn’t have been more valuable. As a kennel tech, she did it all, from walking dogs, to feeding dogs to cleaning their kennels.  She soon found out that one of the best ways to learn about dogs is to work with them, hands-on, every day.

In 2009, Kara was presented with the opportunity to become the primary owner of Bed and Biscuit Austin.  She envisioned a place where she would provide an exceptional standard of service to her clients and an uncompromising quality of care for the dogs.  To accomplish this, she overhauled the kennel facility, made changes to the way the kennel operated and hired a talented staff. Because Kara had worked as a kennel tech herself, she  knew how much to expect from her employees. She asks a lot from them, but  she never asks them to do something she couldn’t – or wouldn’t – do herself.

We also wanted to share Kara’s name with you is because, chances are, if she’s met you, she probably remembers both yours (and your dog’s). We’ve mentioned how Kara insists that every dog in her care have his or her unique needs met. This goes for her clients as well.  Kara is a business owner, a wife, a mother of two young boys and owner of a yellow lab named Emma.  Because she leads a hectic life herself, she understands the needs of her clients, many of whom juggle similar priorities.

Next time you visit the kennel, ask for Kara. You’ll likely find her there because Kara is the heart and soul of Bed and Biscuit Austin. She could be doing anything from working in her office to making appointments to sweeping the floors out front, but whatever she’s doing, she’ll always take time to talk to you and to get to you know you and your dog.

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