Introduction to Bed and Biscuit Austin

If you’re one of our regular clients, you’ve probably heard us use the phrase  “Bed and Biscuit Austin – A Place Where Pets are Family”.  But what does that mean? It’s an easy claim for a business to make, but it is much harder to put into practice. Whether you are one of our longtime clients, or a newcomer to our “pack”, we would like to share what these words mean to us and, more importantly, how we live up to them.

First, here’s a little history.  When the building that is Bed and Biscuit Austin today was  first created, it was the perfect example of  the spirit of family.   It was built in 1951 by a widowed farmer and his three daughters. Together, they would collect stones, geodes, bottle caps and other interesting objects from around the countryside. If you examine the walls of the building closely, you can still see some of these quirky objects built into the grout. And, you can’t help but feel the love that went into this  great-big, family arts-and-crafts project.

During the mid-nineties, the dog kennel building was added in the back and, in 2009, Bed and Biscuit Austin came under the primary ownership of Kara Crawford Norton.  When Kara first took over, she felt that the kennel wasn’t doing justice to the farmer’s legacy. She wanted to create a place where owners and their dogs would feel less like “customers” and more like “family”.

Kara set out doing this by making the comfort, safety and well-being of the dogs her number one priority. Knowing that kennel noise can be harmful and upsetting to dogs, she invested in a high-tech soundproofing system.  That’s a detail that not all our clients know about, but the dogs sure do!  Now, there are times during the day when all the dogs are so happy, relaxed and quiet that you can hear a pin drop!

All kennels do have some noise, however (especially right before and after play time). So,  Kara also set up a special room inside the main building that we call the “Quiet Room”. This is a serene, cozy little nook where our more sensitive canine guests are insulated from the sights and sounds of unfamiliar dogs. The Quiet Room is especially good for older dogs, puppies, and dogs who are not yet used to staying at a kennel.

To us, no two dogs are the same. Whether your dog is a regular at our doggy daycare, an overnight boarding guest or just here for a bath and brush, we will always continue working to make him or her comfortable, relaxed and happy.

We use a number of tools to do this. We use toys and puzzles to occupy your dog’s mind. We also use behavior aides like Thundershirts for dogs who are feeling nervous about being in an unfamiliar place (that’s right, Thundershirts are not just for thunder). For the high-energy dogs, we provide extra exercise. For the “lap dogs” (big and small) we offer extra cuddle time.  And, of course, we always consider your dog’s unique personality when finding proper playmates.

But, what really makes Bed and Biscuit Austin your dog’s  “home away from home” is the staff. They are a tightly-knit group of animal care specialists and trainers who are driven by their genuine love of dogs. The people who work at Bed and Biscuit Austin understand and believe in the importance of being entrusted with your pet’s safety and comfort. They are the type of professionals who  follow the rules, work hard and do the right thing, even when no one is watching. They are the type of pet-lovers whose faces light up every time your dog walks through the door, even if you come in every day.

Bed and Biscuit Austin is a place where your dog can feel safe, secure, loved and appreciated for just who he or she is.You can feel confident that your pet’s individual needs are being met. And, today, the environment at Bed and Biscuit Austin is one that we think the farmer and his family would be proud of.

While nothing is better than the love your dog gets at home, at Bed and Biscuit Austin, you can be confident that he or she is getting the next best thing.

Just like family.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll tell you more about Kara Crawford Norton, the owner of Bed and Biscuit Austin. Learn the interesting story of how she came to be part of the world of dogs, and what drives her to make her business exceptional.

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