A Blues on the Green Guide for Dogs

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Blues on the Green is a wonderful community event in Austin – and best of all, it’s free. Your whole family can attend, including your dog. But before you bring your dog along, be sure to check out our Blues on the Green guide for dogs.

Obey the Leash Rule

According to the Blues on the Green website, dogs on leashes are welcome. Make sure that your dog’s collar or harness fits him well, and that he can’t slip out of it. Keep your dog on a leash the entire time that you’re at the event. Using a regular, solid leash is best – retractable leashes can break and it’s easy to lose control of your dog.

Pay Attention

When you’re walking your dog in a public area, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings. There are likely to be small children and other dogs at the event, so it’s important to monitor your dog and make sure that interactions with others are controlled and careful. If you suspect that your dog might be uncomfortable meeting children or other dogs, then it’s best not to bring him along.

Bring Plenty of Cool Water

Make sure that you bring plenty of water along with you so that you have a sufficient supply for both your family and your dog. A collapsible dog bowl makes it easy to offer your dog water. Be sure to offer your dog water multiple times during the event.

Consider the Heat

If the heat is oppressive, then consider leaving your dog at home where he can stay cool. Dogs don’t handle intense heat well, especially if you have to walk to and from the event.

Find a Spot Where the Volume Is Lower

When you have your dog with you, don’t sit right near the speakers. A dog’s hearing is far more sensitive than our own is, and music played at a high volume can irritate and even damage your dog’s hearing.

Watch Your Dog’s Comfort Level

When you’re at the concert, pay attention to your dog’s comfort level. Some dogs do just fine at busy events, but the activity can also be too much for some dogs. If your dog becomes agitated and can’t calm down, then it’s time to leave the event. Keep your dog’s well-being in mind and let him be the one to tell you when it’s time to go home.

We hope that your whole family has a great time at Blues on the Green!

Original Source: https://www.bedandbiscuitaustin.com/austin-news-and-events/a-blues-on-the-green-guide-for-dogs/

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