Our Team

Team Leadership

Kara Crawford Norton

Kara Crawford Norton, Owner
Kara has been the primary owner of Bed and Biscuit Austin since 2009. Bed and Biscuit Austin is a dream come true for Kara. Her journey did not start in the dog world. She graduated in 1999 from UT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked in the tech world for almost 10 years. She had her sights set on a career change to become a dog trainer but discovering Bed and Biscuit Austin in the Spring of 2009 quickly changed her focus to becoming a business owner, of a VERY dog-centric company! The perfect fit for her to combine her business savvy skills and her consistent longing to work with dogs.

Team Members

Amber Andrews

Amber Brown, Care Manager & Dog Trainer

Amber is a graduate of the Westlake Canine Academy, School for Professional Dog Trainers, a Certified SAFE-Training Instructor, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is scheduled to take her CPDT-KA national certification exam this fall. Amber has a unique ability to make every dog and person she encounters feel special! Amber hopes that her enthusiasm for learning about dogs will have a snowball effect on those around her and have a positive influence on everyone, dogs and people alike. She enjoys working at Bed and Biscuit Austin and being able to apply her special knowledge about dogs to our facility.

Mary Grim

Mary Grim, Care Manager & Dog Trainer

At a very young age, Mary realized that working with dogs was her calling. She developed an immense feeling of satisfaction and joy from training her second dog, Kuma. She became a trainer because she wants everyone to feel the unbreakable bond that can be formed between dogs and humans. It is her passion to provide every dog and person with that same remarkable feeling, and every dog a wonderful life. There is truly no dog, big or small, that doesn’t find a place in her heart. Mary is a graduate of the Westlake Canine Academy School for Professional Dog Trainers, a Certified SAFE-Training Instructor, a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has her CPDT-KA national certification.

Karley Kirby

Karley Kirby, Care Manager

Born and raised here in Austin, Karley has always surrounded herself with dogs and other animals alike. She has always had a natural talent for handling our canine companions and was very happy to be given the opportunity to work at Bed and Biscuit Austin. She enjoys making sure that each and every dog is happy and healthy, with as much “TLC” as they can handle. When not working she likes to spend her time adventuring around the numerous parks of Austin, spending an evening out with friends, or just relaxing at home with her three dogs Kona, Lokilani, and Storm.