About Us

New Ownership

Bed and Biscuit Austin has been in business since 1994 but has been under new ownership since 2009. Our goal is for you and your pet to have the best experience possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment where customers feel confident and comfortable leaving their pets in the care of Bed and Biscuit Austin for Boarding, Dog Daycare, Day School, Grooming and Training through superior customer service, maintaining a clean, healthy environment, and retaining a caring, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

An Interesting History

Bed and Biscuit Austin is full of character and possesses an interesting history. It is nestled amid towering oak trees in an attractive location less than one-half mile from the Loop 360 Bridge off of RR 2222. The original structure was hand-built in 1951 by a widowed farmer who raised three daughters in the house. According to one of the daughters, the family traveled all around the Hill Country picking up rocks and throwing them into the back of their pick-up truck. They used these rocks to build their house. Marbles, tin can lids, and geodes were all grouted into the exterior walls and can still be seen in the existing structure today.

The original owner added the kennel building over 15 years ago and preserved much of the original property in creative ways. The front desk, which is in the original house, was built with salvaged wood from the cow barn. The kennel building was tucked into the rear of the property amid hundred-year-old oak trees, none of which were removed. Gardens of native plants compliment the rustic buildings, giving a feeling of permanence and naturalness, and a large lawn blooms with Texas wildflowers in the spring. They constructed the kennel itself from the ground up, and there are three separate yards on the property.